Showroom Berlino

The pilot showroom in Berlin is an hybrid store made to enjoy the concept of "Made in Italy".

Magazine On Line

Engagement of Design Blogger / Fashion Blogger / Influencer / Designers / Architects / Specialists of materials / Technical-technologists

Brand Production

Engagement of Designer / Architects / Specialists of materials / Decorators / ... to make private label products to be positioned in our showrooms and in the market place of the most important eCommerce.


(+39) 0575 581400


Piazza Tanucci 23 - 52015 Stia (AR)
P.IVA/Cod. Fisc. nr. 06647530481

Who we are

Paolo Caleri - Founder SIC srl
Dott. Giancarlo Bargiacchi - president
Arch. Massimo Percopo - CEO